(Illustration taken from Bulatlat.com)

Website of online media outfit Bulatlat was again subjected to distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, a type of cyber attack aiming to bring down the site, according to Sweden-based media foundation Qurium.

This is the second time this month that Qurium monitored and mitigated DDOS against Bulatlat. Attacks were aimed at the home page.

Qurium is still investigating the incident.

In 2019, Bulatlat and other alternative media outfits were subjected to massive and sustained DDOS.

Bulatlat believes that the attacks are politically motivated. It is one of the media outfits labeled as communist fronts by the government anti-insurgency task force.

In 2019, Qurium’s forensic investigation showed that the attacks came from infrastructure in the Philippines. The digital experts said the cyber attacks were state-sponsored, given the magnitude and resources used.

Different units of Philippine state security admitted to maintaining cyber security arms for their cyber warfare.



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