17 April 2020

Bunawan Police station wrongly barged inside the residence of Mark Perandos, a social media content provider and photojournalist of Sunstar Davao.

The Bunawan PNP received a tip coming from an informant that the suspect identified Bryan Villanueva, who has a standing warrant of arrest for a drug-related case, is residing Perando’s residence in Zonta Village, Tibungco, Davao City.

A team of eight police personnel raided the house owned by the family of Perandos Thursday morning, April 16. His common-law wife said that during the service of the warrant, the team was only wearing civilian clothes but unarmed.

Perandos was watching tv while his common-law wife feeds their seven-month-old son when the police entered the house. They were caught off guard but later on explained their identity.

In Sunstar Davao’s report, Bunawan Police Station Commander Police Major Noel Villahermosa admitted that the operation against Perandos was a mistake on their part and apologizes for their lapses.

“Villahermosa added that as much as they want to weed out possible blunders during a police operation, however, there are instances where the information given to the authorities is inaccurate.”

Media Safety Office
Eastern Mindanao