The Office of the Ombudsman dismissed the case of Grave Misconduct, Grave Abuse of Authority, Conduct Unbecoming of Public Official filed by journalist Fedilina Margarita ” Ging” Valle against 17 military and police officers in relation to her arrest and detention last June 09, 2019.
Ombudsman ruling found no substantial evidence for Grave Misconduct and Grave Abuse of Authority.
Only two respondents of the case, Pol. Col. Tom P.Tuazon and Pol. Capt. Moh Madzie-Aziz K. Mukaram, were held administratively liable of Simple Neglect of Duty and meted three months suspension without pay.
Valle is set to file her motion for reconsideration this week.
Kath Cortez
NUJP Media Safety Officer in Eastern Mindanao