18 April 2020

The website of the Philippines Graphic magazine was hacked by still unknown parties Saturday, April 18, its editor in chief, Joel Pablo Salud said.

Salud went to Facebook to broadcast the hack.

“Stories, when clicked, immediately leads the viewer/reader to a porn site.”

(Correction:) In a conversation with NUJP, Salud said they knew of the hack only after a client/viewer alerted their advertising team. The team then reported the hacking to the editors who swiftly made the announcement.

Salud quoted their webmaster as saying the hack was likely a malicious redirect, in which the hacker inserts code in the target site which then shunts visitors to another site, in this case, a porn site.

The hacking of the Graphic site came a day after Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto said the Twitter account of their public information office had been briefly hacked, with the culprit posting a pornographic image.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms those who are behind this crime against free speech,” Salud said.

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