PHOTO: Freelance journalists listening to the presentationduring the inaugural meeting.

MANILA — The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), with support from the International Federation of the Journalists (IFJ Asia Pacific), officially launched NUJP’s feasibility study on establishing a guild for Filipino freelance journalists on November 19, 2022 (Saturday).

NUJP conducted a feasibility study from July to September 2021, and surveyed various freelance journalists from different subfields.

Based on the findings of the study, Filipino freelancers (or “gig-workers) still do not get enough compensation and protection due to their independent status. Majority of those surveyed earn less than P15,000 a month. Most do not have written contracts.

The very nature of their job makes them vulnerable to various labor violations, just as much as Filipino workers in different industries.

Unfortunately freelancers in the media industry remain scattered, while freelancers’ organizations in non-journalistic fields already exist.

In an effort to continue supporting  freelancers, NUJP held a planning session to kickstart the creation of the Guild.

“Incremental reforms are achieved through the collective efforts from the community,” said Ronalyn Olea, NUJP Secretary General.

NUJP also hopes that the Guild will be able to focus on addressing issues central to the experiences of freelance journalists, and become a solid community that will support our freelance colleagues.

The Freelancers Study is available for download on the NUJP website or may be accessed through this link:

NUJP IFJ UTU Feasibility Study

NUJP Secretariat