(Photo credit: The Bohol Chronicle)

A popular disc jockey of Kiss FM and an event host was shot dead inside Room 8 of Backpackers’ Inn around 10 p.m. March 27, in Mansasa, Tagbilaran City, Bohol.


Initial police report said Rizalino ‘Inday Rufing’ Torralba, 45, died of gunshot wound from an unknown caliber hand gun.


The police identified the suspect as Andrew Fontreras, who immediately reported the incident and surrendered this morning, March 28.


Footage from Inn’s CCTV camera shows Fontreras left the room alone at 11 p.m., the police said.


Fontreras told police that Inday Rufing grabbed his gun which was on the bed and allegedly fired it accidentally, hitting the radio dj and killing her instantly.


Fontreras also claimed he was Inday Rufing’s personal driver, the police said.


Inday Rufing was also a faculty member of the University of Bohol.


Investigation is now ongoing.



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