Shame on the Manila Times for running an editorial cartoon that parrots the mindless red tagging by government of critics and dissenters.
The cartoon, titled “The many faces of local communists,” shows a communist rebel apparently painting masks to be worn by figures labeled lawmakers, feminists, activists, educators, clergy, artists and, yes, journalists.
We do not begrudge the Times its biases and the, undoubtedly, millions of reasons for this.
But we do expect it, since it does claim to still be a news organization, to tackle issues with more depth than this cartoonish vilification of a large cross-section of Philippine society, sans context and, most important, evidence.
Worst of all, by totally ignoring the most basic tenets of journalism, it has placed hundreds, nay, thousands, of Filipino lives in the crosshairs of government and its state forces.
This, most of all, is its greatest disservice to the profession and to the Filipino people and nation.
National Directorate