We are sorely tempted to dismiss Lorraine Badoy’s hysteric attacks on Rappler for calling out her lies as signs of a mind coming unhinged from having to conjure up fiction after fiction almost daily.


To do so, however, would be to give her a way out from her culpability in the crimes of this government for there will be an accounting for the extrajudicial murders of people she and her ilk have baselessly yet viciously red-tagged.


No, there can be no pleading insanity, though she certainly sounds and acts the part, when she is brought to justice, and she eventually will, because, as history has amply proven, tyranny is not forever.


In fact, does the increasing rabidity of her pronouncements hint of panic at the realization that the notoriety she seems to enjoy so much will soon turn into her shame?


But this we are certain of: The independent Philippine media will outlast you and your murderous principal, and we assure you, in your darkest hour, we will show you the same fairness and objectivity you never showed anyone.



National Directorate