The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines joins our colleagues in Altermidya and Bulatlat in calling for accountability for cyberattacks that the National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-PH) has confirmed used an IP address assigned to the Philippine Army.

CERT-PH, a unit under the Department of Information and Communications Technology, noted in a report obtained by Bulatlat that while it was able to confirm the IP address, “an additional analysis did not prosper due to non-established coordination with the organization currently using the said IP.”

It is concerning that the army, which denied involvement in the cyberattacks when these were made public in June, did not respond to CERT-PH’s investigation.

It is also concerning that, as Altermidya and Bulatlat have pointed out in a related statement, the Department of Science and Technology merely denied involvement in the attacks but would not give further details on who the IP address was assigned to.

Nothing further was heard from the department since then.

Government agencies have always emphasized bringing complaints to the proper forums and through the proper procedures.

It is doubly frustrating, then, that attempts at accountability through the processes they prescribe get only a denial, or, worse, silence.


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