As reports emerge of a looming shutdown of operations and attendant layoffs at CNN Philippines, we note that network management has yet to talk to its media workers about their future.

As is common in these situations, those who produce the content and whose lives stand to be most affected by corporate decisions seem to be the last to know about them.

Reports of the potential shutdown mention severance packages for affected personnel, and we hope that this will be the case if any layoffs are announced.

The apparent lack of communication between management and staff over the coming changes highlights the need for workplace organizing to, at minimum, ensure that employees are kept abreast of corporate developments that will affect them.

More than passion and dedication to the profession, media workers need clear lines of communication with newsroom leaders as well as a say in matters that affect their careers and their daily lives.

As the media workers of CNN Philippines wait for more definite word on ways forward, we call on management in other newsrooms and news organizations to proactively address similar concerns of their employees.

It is cruel to have to find out about your company’s potential plans from news reports and from gossip instead of from leadership that expects media workers to be on call and updated on issues of the day but are silent on pressing workplace issues.


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