Today, journalist Lady Ann Salem turns 36, still behind bars despite the dismissal of what were clearly false charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives.


What democracy keeps the innocent behind bars while their persecutors are given free rein to trample basic rights and liberties?


Is this the true state, then, of the nation, that those supposedly sworn to protect and uphold the law can so cavalierly make a mockery of it by ignoring a very clear court decision?


Has the law become so meaningless that the very agency supposed to dispense justice thinks nothing of inflicting injustice?


The continued detention of Icy and her co-accused, Rodrigo Esparago, and of the hundreds of others unjustly persecuted, harassed, threatened, or killed for deigning to exercise their rights is proof that we are, for all intents, no longer a democracy.


While we continue to wait for Judge Monique Quisumbing-Ignacio’s decision to finally be obeyed, we serve notice to those who willingly prolong this travesty of justice that you will be held to account.






National Directorate